Biden Stops Romney-Ryan Momentum Cold

Vice President Joe Biden dominated the debate against the younger Republican congressman from Wisconsin, Paul Ryan, on Thursday night. Biden’s performance was nothing short of magnificent, restoring the pride of the Democratic party and stopping Romney’s short-lived momentum. Joltin’ Joe did everything that Barack Obama should have done during his impotent debate performance on October 3rd against governor Mitt Romney. The credibility of Joe Biden was unshaken as he took on an aggressive posture, forcing Ryan into a defensive position on virtually every issue in the debate. The combination of slanting the debate towards foreign policy, Biden’s traditional strong suit, along with his assertiveness on guiding the discussion on the economy and his overall political experience in dispatching debate opponents sealed it for him as the clear winner Thursday evening.

Paul Ryan may have been counting on the economy to defeat Biden, but he did not get an opportunity to create a fully-fledged attack on those grounds against the Vice President. Biden’s emphasis on the middle class, supported by his reinforcement on the Obama policies that have focused on it, like Medicare and tax policy, helped stunt Ryan’s attacks. On his turn, Paul Ryan attempted to show that tax code reforms aimed at reducing loopholes would be sufficient to make up the fiscal gap without raising taxes, but the failure to go into specifics, a trait that seems to define the Romney-Ryan campaign, cost him the argument when Biden challenged him to share those specifics with the American people. Ryan tried taking a page from Romney’s oration by stating inaccurate statistics to gain favor and initiate momentum, but Joe refused to let him get away with those tactics as the President did when debating Romney.  Biden stopped him in his tracks by interrupting and presenting the true numbers backed with bi-partisan studies.

When Ryan attempted to reiterate Romney’s concern for the middle class in America by presenting their five-point plan for creating tens of thousands, the moderator, Martha Raddatz, interjected and asked him if could be more specific. Ryan, noticeably taken back, stammered and skillfully tap-danced into another subject. Biden challenged Ryan to defend Romney’s infamous 47% comment that condescendingly referred to the number of Americans depending government support. He did another two-step to side track the issue.

On military reform, Biden based his assertions on statements and evidence given by the command structure, where Ryan made no such attempt, or even made an effort to refute the evidence. Romney’s pledge for increasing the military budget for additional weaponry was not requested by the military. Biden came back, stating the joint chiefs agreed that they need more small groups of highly trained special forces rather than more tanks and aircraft. The Romney-Ryan team have their own agenda of drumming up business for their defense contractor friends and lobbyists.  A policy to escalate wars, trading the lives of our soldiers for profiteers.

Leading into the Middle East, Biden successfully defended the good relations between Israel and the United States that Romney has tried to paint as deteriorating, not in the least by Biden’s personal connection to Bibi in Israel, which was a powerful imperative that Ryan could not combat.  Ryan crashed and burned again. The Vice President appeared cool, confident and decisive. He was well prepared, and challenged Ryan on every attempt he made to mislead and deceive the American people.

Explaining the differences between Syria and Libya on the matter of intervening militarily being an impossibility was also something Ryan could not adequately respond to, beyond saying that we should have done what Biden suggested, but only earlier. Another tactic Ryan attempted was the “woulda-coulda-shoulda” routine, when he had nothing to rebut against his opponent’s statements.  The ole 20-20 hindsight shuffle that politicians employ when they unable to establish fault with an opponent’s stated plan or current victories.

Ryan tried to attack the president’s plan to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan by the end of 2014.  He stated that as we withdraw troops, we weaken forces and place the lesser remaining troops in harms way.  Biden quickly responded by stating that the soldiers brought home will be replaced by the Afghan troops that the U.S. has been training as part of the overall planned withdrawal.  Again, Ryan failed to justify a military presence for gains that were left unspecified. Joe Biden’s superiority and experience in foreign policy really overshadowed anything Ryan could say further on the subject.

Finally, as the debate was coming to a close, Martha questioned both Biden and Ryan since they were Irish Catholics, on how their religious beliefs would impact their administration’s position on abortion? Biden responded by first stating that as a Catholic, he holds human life sacred and believes that life begins at conception and therefore he ‘personally’ favors pro-life.  However, he made it clear that religious accountability is a personal responsibility along with beliefs and interpretations there of. Biden said that he would not bring his religion into the political area and impose his beliefs on the American people. He further stated he would support the Supreme Court decision either way they decide.

Paul Ryan, on the other hand, said that as a practicing Catholic, he also believed that life began at conception and he would support a pro-life policy that included a dispensation for pregnancies occurring from rape, incest and whenever the mother’s health is at risk.

Abortion is, of course, a very sensitive and emotional issue. As author of this editorial, I admittedly stand on the fence with this issue. Having five wonderful children of my own, without being religious, weighs heavily against my feelings about the freedoms for which our country stands so proudly.

I agree with Vice President Joe Biden, when he states that his religious beliefs and where he personally stands on this issue should not have anything to do with government policy. Religion regaining influence in government would set our civilization back 50 years. Then maybe we should take another step backward and outlaw the “Origin of Species” from being taught in our schools. While we are at it, maybe we should take a giant step into the dark ages by bringing back the quaint old custom of burning books and narrowing the minds of our children.

Joltin’ Joe Biden won the Vice Presidential Debate by a clear margin, restoring my faith in the two-party system and giving me back the pride of being an American that both Obama and Romney took away; Romney for his smooth delivery of deception and Obama for not challenging those deceptions as Joe Biden did so well Thursday night.



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