Determination: Human Will Power to Overcome and Succeed

Early on in my life, I became aware that attaining success in any endeavor has little to with a gifted birth, an expensive education, having an opportunity, or even a high IQ. The essential component for overcoming life’s obstacles and achieving true success, whatever that may mean to you, is the endowment of an undying […]

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Outsourcing America’s Future

Will America’s future be on technology’s cutting edge?  Outsourcing work to other countries is crippling America in a number of ways.  Some ways less obvious than others; loss of existing jobs, rise in unemployment and less tax money for government spending are among the more obvious ways outsourcing is detrimental to America.  Each of these […]

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Selling Out Americans

Corporate jobs and U.S. government contracted work that once supported American families are now being outsourced to companies overseas. Seeking cheaper labor, American corporations and state governments are methodically eliminating jobs performed by Americans in the U.S., and outsourcing the work to emerging market countries like China, India, Mexico and the Philippines.  This practice has […]

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Rapid Expansion in India Compromises Quality and Productivity

Information technology (IT) companies in India are rapidly expanding their facilities and increasing human resources to support American, United Kingdom and Australian corporations’ outsourcing of IT jobs and projects.  In fact, Indian companies are struggling to keep pace with the outsourcing mega-trend demands.  So much so, that many of the outsourcing entities in India are […]

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Outsourcing Explanations are Misleading

Corporate and political proponents of outsourcing jobs to under developed countries to gain access to cheap labor argue that displaced information technology (IT) workers will be absorbed into other industry job markets.  Admittedly, there is an unavoidable re-education process that could very well be lengthy and often costly, making it unavailable for many that don’t […]

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Misconceptions of Outsourcing

Challenging the Common Beliefs about Outsourcing This article exposes the accepted myths and misconceptions of outsourcing that has prompted corporations to sell out American jobs by outsourcing the work to off-shore companies.  Up to this point in time, Life Editorials has discussed the way in which outsourcing displaces Americans from their jobs, and consequently contributes […]

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Outsourcing: People vs Profits

Outsourcing jobs offshore strikes another blow to humanity at home.  Corporations that are about to offshore financial services jobs (among jobs in other industries) are abandoning their civic and social responsibilities.  Considering the prevalence of all the questions and controversy associated with the outsourcing phenomenon, it’s reasonable to assume that there would be an overabundance of […]

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Dangerous Consequences of Outsourcing IT Jobs

There are unforeseeable and dangerous consequences as well as the inherent financial risks in outsourcing IT jobs in particular. When American corporations face the dilemma of considering outsourcing an IT project, a business programming task, or a role within the company’s IT organization, they will need to consider the costly disadvantages as well as the presumed […]

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Wall Street: Still Manipulating the Investment Playing Field

Presidential candidates and their respective parties are not talking about the biggest economic threat to America today………..Wall Street. During the recent presidential debates and the media coverage of the key issues deliberated, the subject of Wall Street’s deceptive practices became conspicuous by its absence.  I’m referring to the very same investment banking practices that led […]

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Final Presidential Debate: Foreign Policy Took the Spotlight

Foreign Policy set the focal point for the third and last presidential debate held at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida.  President Obama had the inherent advantage on foreign policy and national security. As president and commander and chief, having first-hand knowledge of foreign events through his access to daily briefings by intelligence analysts, diplomats […]

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