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Wall Street: Still Manipulating the Investment Playing Field

Presidential candidates and their respective parties are not talking about the biggest economic threat to America today………..Wall Street. During the recent presidential debates and the media coverage of the key issues deliberated, the subject of Wall Street’s deceptive practices became conspicuous by its absence.  I’m referring to the very same investment banking practices that led […]

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Wall Street Corruption: A Foregone Conclusion

In the Wall Street investment community, where success is too often defined in quantitative terms, is it any wonder that industry professionals feel that their annual compensation rates, bonus plans and other incentives create pressure for them to compromise ethical standards or violate the law?  A number of studies, including one in particular conducted by […]

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Madoff Ponzi Investigation: 10 Years of Blatant SEC Corruption

A global three-ring-media circus kicked into high gear when Bernard ‘Bernie’ Madoff surrendered himself to the FBI on December 11th, 2009. The operative phrasing in that statement is ‘surrendered himself to the FBI’.  After over twenty years of fraudulently and flagrantly deceiving investors, involving many of the largest and seemingly most prestigious investment banks, financial […]

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