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Outsourcing America’s Future

Will America’s future be on technology’s cutting edge?  Outsourcing work to other countries is crippling America in a number of ways.  Some ways less obvious than others; loss of existing jobs, rise in unemployment and less tax money for government spending are among the more obvious ways outsourcing is detrimental to America.  Each of these […]

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Selling Out Americans

Corporate jobs and U.S. government contracted work that once supported American families are now being outsourced to companies overseas. Seeking cheaper labor, American corporations and state governments are methodically eliminating jobs performed by Americans in the U.S., and outsourcing the work to emerging market countries like China, India, Mexico and the Philippines.  This practice has […]

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Wall Street: Still Manipulating the Investment Playing Field

Presidential candidates and their respective parties are not talking about the biggest economic threat to America today………..Wall Street. During the recent presidential debates and the media coverage of the key issues deliberated, the subject of Wall Street’s deceptive practices became conspicuous by its absence.  I’m referring to the very same investment banking practices that led […]

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Final Presidential Debate: Foreign Policy Took the Spotlight

Foreign Policy set the focal point for the third and last presidential debate held at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida.  President Obama had the inherent advantage on foreign policy and national security. As president and commander and chief, having first-hand knowledge of foreign events through his access to daily briefings by intelligence analysts, diplomats […]

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Heated Second Debate: President Comes Out Swinging

Tuesday night, Barack Obama re-entered the presidential race by aggressively debating Mitt Romney on the issues as presented by an audience of undecided voters and moderator, Candy Crowley, at Hofstra University in New York. Unlike the first debate on October 3rd, Obama was demonstrative when presenting his position on the issues in question, admirable as […]

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Biden Stops Romney-Ryan Momentum Cold

Vice President Joe Biden dominated the debate against the younger Republican congressman from Wisconsin, Paul Ryan, on Thursday night. Biden’s performance was nothing short of magnificent, restoring the pride of the Democratic party and stopping Romney’s short-lived momentum. Joltin’ Joe did everything that Barack Obama should have done during his impotent debate performance on October […]

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Mitt Romney Came to Debate: President Obama Forgot Showed Up

Governor Mitt Romney clearly won round one of the 2012 presidential debates.  Commentators from both camps can spin it, twist it and rehash it in any way they wish, President Obama could just as well have taken Michelle out to dinner in celebration of their wedding anniversary.  In fact, his most convincing and certainly most […]

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Wall Street’s 2008 Financial Crisis Costs U.S. Economy Close to $13 Trillion

Wall Street brought our financial markets to the brink of collapse and very nearly triggered a another Great Depression. Investment practices, greed and corruption rocked the U.S. economy and the American people with a catastrophic $13 trillion fallout from the 2008 financial crisis, based on the study performed by Better Markets.  As it turns out, the […]

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